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Melissa Goss is a freelance makeup artist serving the Washington, D.C. metro area. Melissa provides makeup for weddings, runway, photo shoots and special events.

Since 2011, Melissa has led a team of makeup artists for the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair parties in conjunction with the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. She and her team provide makeup for up to 80 event staffers, and have mastered the art of the "five-minute face." Johnny Depp complimented her work while attending the 2011 brunch, remarking that his waitress looked “fresh faced!” 


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"Phenomenal. She has some flawless skills when it comes to make-up and the ultimate test, I feel, for a make-up artist is doing Asian make-up and she killed it!! She’s so fun and really laid back. I love her personality and she’s actually a friend in real life (not just a vendor that I’ll never see again). I look at the photos and I’m like “damn, I love my makeup…I love the eyelashes & the eyeshadow…everything.”             - Julie,

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